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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winston Farrell: Green Reader, Earth Spirit

Artist's Green Statement

"Green is not only my favourite colour -- it also represents a coded consciousness of my environment...my world. This is a relationship that started with a visit to Canada back in the early 90s, when I was introduced to the idea of recycling, the concept of conservation and the need to take greater care of our planet. It further inspired my second album of dub poetry, S."

excerpt from “Death of King Sugar”

The final chapter in the saga of king sugar
stirs the worth of the teaspoon
the wrist in the turning stops
the hand behind the wheel loses its heart

At the old factory
sunlight leaks in through the rotting roof
the old boiler rusted by bitter sweet tears
years weather wood
arteries bust
pipes now empty
a wreck of dead metal
scattered skeletons pitted by
centuries of blood stain limestone
sediments of grease on the icon’ s teeth

the monster still gloats

On the cane fields
a new type of bat and ball
lashes across the trash-heaps
men hopping over dry wells
leaving their testicles hanging on golf clubs
whilst labourers sit on their swords and jackhammers
jerking wet dreams out of their swollen eyes
bad boys stalk the streets more than ever
gun butts searching for the sweet jar
break the lock on the labourer’ s daughter
steal her diamond seed

Crystals in the teacup, wet bank notes
coin a new dance with silver spoons
lumps disguised as gold
melt on the tongue of a fading king [....]

Copyright © 2011 by Winston Farrell

Artist's Bio

WINSTON Farrell works as the cultural arts officer at the Barbados Youth Service. He is a graduate of the University of Leeds with a Masters in Theatre and Development Studies. A theatre practitioner and creative writer, Farrell has over thirty years of experience within the Barbadian cultural landscape. He has toured extensively as an actor and performance poet, and has distinguished himself as a trained theatre for development facilitator specializing in community and popular theatre methodology.

Ras Farrell’s latest work, Looking Back at Sodom, is currently being staged as an HIV/AIDS community initiative.

He performs at the Boardwalk, Hastings, this Saturday, June 11, for Green Readings 2011.

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