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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adrian...Green Reader, Green Giant

Adrian Green - Artist's Statement:

The artist goes green not only championing environmental causes and sustainable practices, but by producing work intended to stimulate his audience to sustainable modes of thought, attitudes and values.

excerpt from “We the Dirt”

We are the dirt
Divine earth
We are the trampled upon
Sampled and drawn from the direction of the dawn
To build empires on which the sun was never supposed to set
We were never supposed to get
Only be gotten
Sons and daughters forgotten by heaven
We are the dirt
That covered the floors of hell
And protected the demons’ feet from the heat
Of their own sins
We are the dirt that they could not wash from their skins
We are the mud they rolled in
To wash and rinse
Left to dry
We are the dirt that still carries the stain they left behind

Copyright © 2011 by Adrian Green

About the artist

ADRIAN Green is a poet who bridges the divide between written poetry and performance poetry. His poetry engages the listener on multiple levels. His style of delivery is passionate and flowing, yet purposeful and structured. He is a Gold Award winner in Barbados’ National Festival of Creative Arts, a three-time Barbadian Slam Poetry Champion and two-time winner of the Emancipation Roots Experience Show. Green represented Barbados at Carifesta X in Guyana and has performed to audiences in several countries, including the USA, Ghana, Grenada, St Vincent, Nevis, St Thomas and the British Virgin Islands. He has released two albums of poetry, Random Acts of Conscience and Hard Ears. He is one of the originators of Tuk Poetry and performs with the band Rawt Iron.

He performs at the Hastings Rocks edition of Green Readings 2011 on Saturday, June 11, from 3:30 p.m.

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