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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Allison Cadogan - Green Reader, in pursuit of happiness

Green Statement

An emphasis on the role that the environment plays on attitudes is a common thread throughout my work. Even though “ green” is an environmentalist concept, based on healthy, sustainable practices for physically preserving the earth, I believe that our everyday happiness has roots in our physical surroundings, and I communicate this in all of my work. A healthy environment means a healthy, happy community.

excerpt from How to Skin A Cat In 5 Easy Steps

I was enjoying the warmth on my face, until slender matter eclipsed the sun.

“Hullo,” said she.

I placed my punch in the sand and sat up. There she stood, hands clasped behind her back as though ready to recite poetry, toes wiggling in the white-gold grains beneath her feet.

I lowered my head to peer over the upper rim of my tinted panes.

And thus the sky became extra blue, the sea superlatively turquoise and that epileptic, radial pattern on her dress promised me a seizure.

“Hullo?” I said quizzically.

“Hullo,” said she of smiling face and muddled accent. She was pretty, with piercing blue eyes and reddish blonde hair, about four feet tall. Why does she stand before me? I wished she would state her case quickly before the crabs sidled off with my libation.

“This shall be the winter of our contentment.” She looked over my shoulder as she spoke, the same way bad actors look into the camera when delivering their lines.

Copyright © 2011 by Allison Cadogan

About the author

Allison Cadogan is a Barbadian writer and the 2010 recipient of the Frank Collymore Literary Award (2nd place) for her novella The Three Little Pigs. She is the creative director at G&A Communications Inc., and she teaches Creative Writing part-time in the Fine Arts Division of Barbados Community College.

Allison appears at the Folkestone Park and Marine Reserve on Saturday, June 18 as part of ArtsEtc and the Ministry of the Environment's Green Readings 2011.

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