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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

“...don’ care where ya come from...” — This Thursday at the Museum

Read-IN! is the NCF’s monthly, parish-by-parish spotlight for writers.

Every Crop-Over it kicks up a notch and transforms into an “Event”—one of very few enabling literary artists to showcase nationally in front of a larger, wider audience.

Last year, the NCF took things a step further. There was a soiree-Cohobblopot type ambiance. There was art and craft and food and wine. And the featured writers, backed by musicians, used richly-crafted written word to shape performances that really pushed boundaries between stage and page. (Click here to read part of ArtsEtc’s 2009 Stage vs Page debate.)

This year, Crop-Over Read-IN!’s focus is specifically spoken word and performance. It should be exciting to see where boundaries get pushed this time around.

“…don’ care where ya come from… is the tagline, and the headliners are Comrade Fatso, a young poet from Zimbabwe, and celebrated US-based, Ghanaian artiste, Heru.

They will be guest-supported by Winston Farrell, and fellow Barbadians, Sonia Williams, Amanda Hoyos-Cummins, DJ Simmons, AZ-Man, Anthony Kellman, Sun Rokk, and Trina Headley. Choreography is by Renee Blackman, music by C4, Pride of Wilson Hill Folk Group, and the Pompasetters Tuk Band. M.C. is Adrian Green.

For those who always lament after missing literary events, “if only I’d known beforehand…” jot this on your calendar right now: Crop-Over Read-IN! 2010, tomorrow, Thursday, July 22, Barbados Museum, 8 p.m.

For ticket and box office information, call the NCF on (246) 424-0909 ext. 232.


Meanwhile: Also check out updates to ArtsEtc’s website, including the brand new AE Studios. For those who missed our print issues (and for those who still miss our print issues) you can delve into our online archives.

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