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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Heritage also means... more GR12 Green Statements

Jewels, progress, and the wind...

Every year, ArtsEtc asks its Green Readers for a statement, a snippet of work and a little about themselves—a sneaky preview of what to expect on the Green Readings stage. The responses are often unexpected, always fascinating. Sometimes the artists even stick to theme! This year’s theme is Heritage, and below are the responses from this year's readers, Keoma Mallett, Norma Meek and Indrani.

KEOMA MALLETT (aka Rhy Minister)
The Best Jewels
Heritage, to me, is a mixture of what was, with good intention, imparted to me as a guideline to live my life, what I gleaned and what was physically bestowed—whether biologically or as gift or inheritance.

I would like my work to encourage people to dig deep for the best jewels they could ever discover—those within themselves—and through this, to increase their appreciation for themselves and their surroundings.

from “Dichotomy”

“I’d smile in my pillow after each session of backwords and fourth,
Slept on the wave of your awe,
Such delightful discourse,
Dreamt of holding you close,
Of filling your post with letters of thesis of you as my missis.
You feeling me?
How the zeal in these words interlock like passionate kisses,
Remission, de mission was hunting you as a dear in open field,
Hoping feelings would lead you to see the true scope I feel,
’Cause I’ve delved and dabbled in reasonings and ramblings long,
Contemplated dark arts I considered as wrong,
Wished to have you without a care in this whirled,
You find yourself simple; I find you a most beautiful girl.
You see yourself as a million pieces; I see a million creases that mark you with character and make you adept,
And was trapped, at great length, by your volume ’cause you took all my breadth.”
Copyright © 2012 by Keoma Mallett

Keoma is 1) Rye minute star essay freestyle artisan in throw verse; 3) Rhy Minister, an introvert and freestyle poet and rapper; 2) Rhy Minister, who loves playing with words and listening to music.


Price of Progress
My art invites Barbadian society to look objectively at itself in an effort to change it for the better. Gardening is necessary but is not easy.  The minibus culture is unsettling. Society’s youth need firm handling.  What is the price of our progress since 1962?

from “Come in the Garden, Man!”
Don’t mind the trials you go through,
The exercise is good for you.                       

from “Cradle Rock and Milkshake”
They’re trying to subvert your balance, too,
By shaking and by rocking.                             
Copyright © 2012 by Norma Meek

Norma is the author of Minibus Muse and In My Small Corner (both 1993); Pick Sense Outta Dat (2001); Every Skin Teet Ent A Laf (2002); and Watching Out For Mummy (2003).  She is a founding member of Writers Outreach and a member of Voices: Barbados Writers’ Collective.


The Wind’s Embrace
We live in paradise, so to pull oneself out of the wind’s embrace or the ocean’s cradle or from the face of a beckoning canvas...is a bit tough sometimes.

2 guest passes
3 bottles of Zephyrhills water
Homegrown seasonal fruits
Copyright © 2012 by Indra Rudder

iNDRANi is a Barbadian artist who is increasingly gaining a name in the recording industry across the Caribbean and Europe with her folk-inspired, acoustic sound and original, earthy lyrics. A protégée of Eddy Grant’s, she is also a poet, author, dancer, and actress. The title of her most recent EP is Goddess Wild.

• Keoma, Norma and Indrani will be joined by visual artist Sheena Rose and jazz combo James De Lovell and Friends for Green Readings 2012 Pt. 2, this Saturday, June 23, at Folkestone Park from 3:30 p.m.

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